Good Morning Beauties, I don’t know about you… but we’re loving this beautiful weather, and it looks like it’s not stopping for this weekend! There’s nothing more than we want to do for a sunny Spring weekend, then to hang out in the yard, throw some burgers  on the grill and enjoy time with friends and family.  So if you haven’t already… dust off your grill and bring your patio furniture out of storage because this weekend we’re soaking up the sun. Here’s 5 our of our favorite yard games that can be played by all ages… (If you’re interested in ordering any of these games.. click the name of the game and it will bring you to the website!) 1. Kan Jam I love personalizing my Kan Jam game…  any time I get a new band/company sticker, I slap it on one of the cans to make an awesome collage…it makes it more fun, and all about my family and I (not just the boring black cans)! Side note: if you do this- DON’T leave it out in the rain, or else all your stickers will peel! Believe me, lesson learned the hard way. 2. Corn Hole We’re lucky enough to have a local store, Mystic Corn Hole who personalizes and makes these awesome corn hole boards! Click here for their website, and click here for their Facebook. aeb17efa831c391a712a8203f7dbb739 3. Bocce Whatever you do, don’t lose the “Jack” (the small ball). 4. Tether Ball This classic, American playground game is now making a comeback! No one needs to wait for recess anymore if you’re lucky enough to set one up in your yard! 5. Spikeball This is the newest trend of the bunch- it’s definitely one to check out! Get out there & have some fun! Until next blog, L  

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