Fabulous Friday


Good Morning lovely ladies!

Maybe it’s just us, but we feel like Easter creeped up on us quickly this year- and it doesn’t help it is 2 weeks earlier than last. Spring is officially in the air, and we’re definitely not complaining about it.  Before it’s time to fit in those short shorts or summery dresses, we have another holiday to feast, and this time it’s Easter brunch.

We’re going to enjoy an Easter for the adults as we spice up our brunch to a boozy one. Here’s 5 “you got to try these NOW” cocktails for this weekend. (For more information and the recipes, click on the cocktail name!)

1. Frank the Rabbit Cocktail



2. Cadbury Caramel Cream Martini


3. Tangerine Sorbet Champagne Floats


4. Sparkling Jelly Bean


5. Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail


Drink, eat & enjoy.

Until next blog,


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