Movie MAYheim

Happy “Fri-yay”, everyone!

Today we’re talking new releases in theaters that we CANNOT wait to see- and let me tell you…it’s movie MAYheim (see what we did there).

We’re skipping Friday Five this week to focus on only 3 movies, yes they are chick flicks that we just can’t resist.  Click on the movie title to be directed to the movie’s trailer!

Released TODAY: Hot Pursuit

Starring two incredible actresses in Hollywood today, Reese Witherspoon & Sofia Vergara hit the big screen together in this comedy! Although the forecast is saying beautiful weather today, it looks like rain is the mix for this weekend- so here’s your perfect activity to date night or your girls night.


Release Date (May 15, 2015): Pitch Perfect 2

AHHHHHH! Are you as excited as us? Pitch Perfect has been one of our most favorite, and talked about movie since its release date back in 2012. The singing, the dancing, and the incredible punchlines from “Fat Amy” is what makes that movie a classic! If you haven’t seen it yet (shame on you…) you still have time to see it before the sequel comes out! So, yes this is us giving you homework…


Release Date (May 29, 2015): Aloha

From the director/writer of Jerry McGuire, Aloha is jam packed with many Hollywood favorites such as Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin, Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, Bradley Cooper, John Krasinski… Did we say Bradley Cooper? This movie based in Hawaii is sure to transition us into June and prepare us for summer.


Know a movie that is being released and can’t wait to see it? Share with us on our FB page- we love your recommendations!

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