Love is in the air!


Morning lovebirds! 

It’s time to start thinking about your weekend, and for all the sweethearts out there, it’s a fun weekend to plan! If your plans are already finalized, let us know what you’re doing! We love to hear your ideas… but those of you that haven’t (aka most of us) we’re here to rescue you. 

Let’s break down Valentine’s Day into categories: First we have the outfit (some will consider this the MOST important), then we have the gift exchange and finally the basis of your night; the activity.

First, let’s chat about your outfit. Now we’re no fashion expert, but like most of you do, we have a pretty killer personal Pinterest fashion board- so we’re a self-proclaimed professional. To us, Valentine’s Day is a day of dazzle. Yes, it is an excuse for some to go and buy something new, but we all know we have that one staple in our wardrobe that conquers all seasons… it’s time to pull it out. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to put a dent in your bank account- wear something you have and save the money for your dinner and drinks! YouTube a video to try a new hairstyle out, or a tutorial for a new way to wear that eyeliner you bought weeks ago and haven’t used yet. Throw on what makes you feel best- because nothing is more beautiful on a person then their confidence. 

Next, is the gift. Again, there is a time and place to burn that hole in your pocket, THIS ISN’T THE TIME! Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love, and maybe it’s a girl thing, but the best gifts are the most meaningful. So think about that one time your hunny said “oh I really want that” or “I saw that on TV but I can’t find it anywhere”, and get it! If you love all DIY ideas (do it yourself) then have fun and get creative- here’s a couple of things that we’ve done in the past:

1. With a new pack of cards, write down 52 things you love about the person. Whether it’s the way they laugh at your jokes, or dance around to their favorite song, type it out and stick it on a card! Hole punch the outsides of the cards and put a binding ring through it-you have a personalized gift, just like that!

2. Make a calendar for this year (or next) and include your favorite pics of you guys together. Make sure to add in the important dates too, so (neither of you) can forget! It’s fun to add little notes on random days too. For example: on a Friday night in June write “date night, your pick”.

3. Put together a gift of five senses, and label each gift with its corresponding sense: see, hear, smell. touch and taste. Some ideas? Maybe their favorite candy, an iTunes gift card, collagen/perfume…It’s about your relationship, it should be easy!

Get creative with your gifts, your significant other will not only love it- but they are super fun to make too!

So, what do you and your hunny like to do? Valentine’s Day only comes once a year- so take this time to try out that new restaurant you’ve been waiting for. If you do some research, you’d be surprise to see what different restaurants offer. Lots of restaurants use a pre-fixed coursed out menu, or others offer special chocolate desserts, wine and champagne tasting, etc. Everyone does the classic dinner and movie, so this year switch it up! Go out dancing, or jump in the time capsule and do something you haven’t done in years… rollerskating? Laser tag? drive in movie? 

All in all, its you’re day to spend it with the one you love. Whether it be your babe, your best friend or your furry friend- enjoy!

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