Fabulous Friday



Life can get pretty crazy, and sometimes we forget to reconnect with the ones we love the most. Bring the romance back into your relationship by planning a fun weekend together. It doesn’t have to be far away or break the bank…just reconnect! (Notice all of these are pretty much technology FREE!)

Camping for two

Or glamping, if your prefer! Pick a local nature reserve and grab your tent for a romantic outdoor weekend. Forget your watch and rely on nature to set your internal clocks. Take frequent naps, watch the stars, and make a romantic fireside meal for a memorable escape. This is where the cooking can get seriously creative (if you’re into that).                           We love…Hammonasset Beach State Park or Rocky Neck State Park or Burlingame State Park!



Visit the place you first met
Whether it’s near or far, plan a trip to visit the first spot you laid eyes on one another. Have dinner at a restaurant nearby and take a walk around this special place. If your meeting isn’t the most romantic, have fun with that too. Met in a dive bar? A night of pool and darts it is!

Overnight Boat Trip

From the Mississippi River to coastal waters, book an overnight trip aboard a chartered boat. Enjoy the calm waters, candlelit dinners, and escape from the ordinary. You’d be surprised what one night away can do.

Drive-in Movie

If you can find one near you, an outdoor movie viewing is the perfect way to spend an evening. Blankets and fun food and drinks…just fun! Near CT?  Mansfield Drive-In or Rustic Drive In, North Smithfield, RI


Forget the GPS

Fill the gas tank and strike out on an adventure with no destination in mind. This one is my favorite. It’s totally spontaneous with no itinerary or expectations of how the day will look. We spend everyday with schedules and planning so this is totally different! Explore the back roads, unknown restaurants, and unexpected treasures in your region. Bring along a camera — who knows what you’ll find. This is something the whole world needs to do…put down the technology!!!


Life is short so get out there!!