Marry Me Monday



Happy Monday!! So…over the weekend, a friend of a friend introduced me to a cookie company that I absolutely love and have to share with you! I immediately thought about weddings when I saw these, but they are really perfect for any occasion and are the ultimate hostess gift!

Meet Mimi’s Cookies∼First of all, I’m always a sucker for packaging and presentation and this was a home run. The box is adorable and each hand painted cookie is a work of art. I checked out her Facebook page and the photos are gorgeous. You probably can’t see the fine detail in these photos, but the margarita has a salted rim…crazy cute! Are they good you ask?? So, so good. How many times have you eaten one of those hand painted cookies that tasted like cardboard? (Answer-Always!) These do not disappoint. I’m personally loving them for favors and welcome baskets! Her shop is located in New Jersey, but I am told she will customize your orders and ship anywhere in the world. I’ve sampled them for you so you can order with confidence…You’re welcome!

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