Take a deep breath. Smile!
You’re about to love wedding planning.

Dresses and up-dos, candles and cakes. Flowers, music and pictures! Family, friends! These and a thousand more lovely, precious details conjure up your dream wedding.

As thrilling as this vision is, if you’re wondering “How am I ever going to manage all that and work and make everyone happy and maybe squeeze in a little time to eat/sleep/exercise/have fun so I can actually enjoy my wedding day….”

You’re in the right place

Certified wedding event planners Jennifer Connelly and Kaitlin Baker-Hewes love helping you create the most joyful, beautifully-unique wedding you can imagine. What’s more, you get to hand off the worry and wild, non-stop scramble to “get it all done.” With Jen and Kaitlin by your side, you keep the fun in your wedding planning so you walk down the aisle happy, rested and glowing.

And it’s so easy to start.

Give us a ring! at 860.415.6338 or email info@bluelaneevents.com for your dream wedding!


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